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Coniunctio Animi Maxima Est Cognatio

the union of souls is greater than any kinship

Icarus Iso
16 February
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Rainy Days Should Be Spent At Home With A Cup Of Tea And A Good Book - Bill Watterson

This journal may contain material of a slash nature and/or adult themes.

[About Me]
Well my name is Icarus Iso, and I'm from Tasmania, which is part of Australia. I'm a writer whose obsessions can stick with me for months or only last a week, but I am trying to finish whatever stories I do start. I'm a bit of a hybrid when it comes to my interests, and if you want to know more send me an email.

This is my personal journal, and contains friend-locked posts relating to my real life. Please do not be offended if I don't friend you back, as some of my less-personal posts will be open to public viewing. Feel free to add my co-run creative journal, brush_and_quill.

[Things I Think Are Must Sees:]
The Story Of Stuff

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